My Experience With SWAPSPACE.CO review


Below I am sharing my experience with the website SWAPSPACE.CO. Spoiler alert: it's bad.

I went to their website for an exchange, and only interacted with I simply followed the instructions on this website:

1) I opened Metamask and selected the Arbitrum network, where I had my Badger coins.

2) I went to and clicked Connect Wallet. There was no notification telling me I was on the wrong network, which should mean their service is compatible with the selected network

3) I selected the Badger coin and started the exchange to Ethereum process.

After an hour, the website said something went wrong. When I reached out to support I was told that the Arbitrum chain was not supported.

They reached out to their partner Swapuz, and tried to hide behind them all the time. Even though I only interacted with

I explained to support that they should take responsibility. Itís their lack of clear instructions that lead to me losing $10,000. If your site is not compatible with Arbitrum chain, there should be a notification saying: wrong network. There wasnít.

For 5 weeks we have been emailing back and forth, until they told me that I have to wait until their partner Swapuz adds Arbitrum to their services. And they donít know when, or even if that is ever going to happen.

This is only 1 example of how you can lose money interacting with their service. The lack of clear instructions and safety features might cause many others having a similar experience.

What shocks me the most is that they donít assume any responsibility. They try to hide behind their partner. Even though they understand and confirmed that none of this was my fault.

My advice: stay away from this service if you donít like losing money.